3 Tips to Prepare for a Root Canal Treatment

3 Tips to Prepare for a Root Canal Treatment from Pampered Smiles in Atlanta, GARoot canal treatment may seem intimidating at first, but the more prepared you are the less likely you are to experience anxiety. Continue reading to learn how to prepare for this procedure. The following review discusses three tips you can use to prepare properly ahead of your scheduled root canal treatment.

3 Ways to prepare for a root canal treatment

You can prepare for a root canal procedure by following the instructions provided by the dental staff, creating a list of questions to ask before the procedure, and finding fun activities to do the night before to alleviate any anxiety.

1. Follow the instructions provided by the dental professional

The dentist and staff should provide you with specific instructions on how to prepare before your root canal treatment. Examples of instructions they may provide are:

  • Avoid tobacco and alcohol for 24 hours before the procedure
  • Avoid eating before the procedure (although this is not always necessary)
  • Take a pain reliever as directed but do not take too much

Tobacco and alcohol could increase the risk of an adverse reaction to the local anesthetic, so the dentist may recommend avoiding it before the procedure. Depending on the type of anesthetic, it may be recommended to avoid eating for at least 12 hours. In other instances where eating is allowed, they may encourage it as doing so will be difficult after the procedure. Anti-inflammatory medication can help, but make sure not to deviate from the recommended usage or dosage provided by the dental team.

2. Make a list of questions and ask them before the procedure

Another great way to prepare for a root canal treatment is to create a list of questions that you have. This provides a way to calm any anxieties and address any concerns there may be. Potential questions you could ask include:

  • Is root canal treatment safe?
  • Do you have experience performing this procedure?
  • How long does the procedure take?
  • What can I expect after root canal treatment?
  • What foods can I eat and drink after?

Receiving answers to these questions can help you feel more confident and in control. The fact is that, while it may seem invasive, root canal treatment is a safe procedure for patients when they choose a dental professional that has experience performing the treatment.

3. Find fun and creative ways to keep your mind relaxed the night before

Lastly, it is helpful to find fun and creative ways to stay relaxed the night before. For example, consider playing a board game with your family or going to see a movie with a significant other. It is also important to get a good night of rest the night before the procedure.

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